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Welcome to my pumpkin stencil shop, all my stencils have been designed to carve using the shading/etching technique and can be used on both foam and real pumpkins.

For each design I have rated the difficulty, 1 being fairly easy, 10 being hard - check out the video opposite to see how to use my stencils.

Where possible I have carved the stencils and uploaded a picture of the finished pumpkin, but this is time-consuming so not all designs have a finished carved example yet.

All stencils have been simplified into a grey-scale gradient, the white parts are the brightest, so will be carved deeper into the pumpkin, and the black parts are the dark parts, so will be left uncarved.

All grey parts in between indicate where tonal changes happen.

How To Use The Stencils:
On foam pumpkins:

Video on how to use on real pumpkins:

coming soon!

More Stencils coming soon....

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