A couple of years ago I discovered carvable foam Pumpkins, something which is fairly popular in America, however, here in the UK they simply aren't available.


The idea of having a carving I could keep forever was something I couldn't stop thinking about, so I set about ordering one from America, after shipping, import taxes and the cost of the Pumpkin I was around £120 out of pocket, but I had a foam Pumpkin!

I carved the Pumpkin in a few days, I found the material a little tough, but I still enjoyed carving it and was happy with the result - but what now, it was Spring, and months till Halloween, spending £120 on each Pumpkin was simply something I couldn't afford.

When lockdown hit I found I had a lot of time on my hands, so I set about trying to make my own carvable foam Pumpkins, after several months I had something I was happy with.

For the most part, I am making these to carve myself, but I'm happy to sell a few to fellow UK carvers.

Uncarved Pumpkin: £55 + p&p

Carved Foam Pumpkins start at £180

I currently only ship within the UK and some parts for Europe

Foam Pumpkins are NOT suitable for use with Candles

Only low voltage LED lights can be used - Max 5 volts

Here's a selection of my recent foam Pumpkin carvings, all of which have been carved using a rotary tool

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preditor cut our 2
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Moon Knight foam pumpkin prt2 Mr Knight TN (1280 × 1280 px) (630 × 1200 px) (630 × 1100 px