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Carved foam Pumpkins offer a unique alternative to real Pumpkins, that last forever!

Commission a single Pumpkin, a set of spooky characters for a display, or table numbers for a Halloween-themed event - i can work with you to create a unique foam Pumpkin you can enjoy year after year!


All foam Pumpkins are supplied with waterproof LED lights and can be used inside or outside.

Foam Pumpkins are available to commission all year round and dispatch at a convenient time to you.

Get in touch to find out more!

Moon Knight foam pumpkin prt2 Mr Knight TN (1280 × 1280 px) (630 × 1200 px) (630 × 1100 px

A couple of years ago I discovered carvable foam Pumpkins, something which is fairly popular in America, however, here in the UK they simply aren't available.


The idea of having a carving I could keep forever was something I couldn't stop thinking about, so I set about ordering one from America, after shipping, import taxes, and the cost of the Pumpkin I was around £120 out of pocket, but I had a foam Pumpkin!

I carved the Pumpkin in a few days, I found the material a little tough, but I still enjoyed carving it and was happy with the result - but what now, it was Spring, and months till Halloween, spending £120 on each Pumpkin was simply something I couldn't afford.

When lockdown hit I found I had a lot of time on my hands, so I set about trying to make my own carvable foam Pumpkins, after several months I had something I was happy with.

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