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For Halloween 2022, Pokémon TCG launched a sugar-free Trick-or-treat campaign, offering multipacks of Pokémon cards to give out to trick-or-treaters.


This foam Pumpkin (produced to reflect the brand colors) and a video of it being carved were commissioned as a 30-second social media asset to support this campaign.


In the summer of 2022, a marketing agency reached out with a brief for Pokémon TGC, they needed a Gengar and Pikachu Pumpkin carving for a photo shot taking place at the end of August ahead of their Halloween marketing campaign.


It hadn’t occurred to them real Pumpkins wouldn’t be available in time, However, I had a solution by the way of a carved foam Pumpkin which I could produce in time for the Photoshoot.


As I was manufacturing the Pumpkin myself I was able to offer a completely bespoke color for the foam Pumpkin, and the decision was made to fully embrace the fact the pumpkin was made of foam, matching the foam and paint to the brand and character Colors for Gengar and Pikachu.


I also offered media of the Pumpkin being carved, which, along with the photos and footage from their in-house photo shoot, their marketing team was able to edit into a short social media asset.


You can view the video on the Pokémon TGC social media page below:

View the PokemonTCG Instagram video here

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