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The Brief

In November 2021, the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie will be marking its 20-year release anniversary and Warner Bros. will be driving a 20 Years of Movie Magic campaign, with the objective of engaging the next generation of fans and establishing the Harry Potter film as a fresh, relevant and contemporary classic that brings in new and old fans alike.

We would like you to support this campaign by:


  •  Design a selection of pumpkin carving templates for fans to use at home

  • The designs will be for the Wizarding World website and social channel ( and @wizardingworld) and will vary in difficulty from beginners to advanced.

  •  Create video content of you carving the pumpkins and the finished designs for consumers to follow along at home.

  •  Generate awareness for the pumpkin templates and video available on the Wizarding World Website via social content on your own social media channels.

hp 20.jpg
Harry potter Ogur Pumpkin carving_edited.jpg

Designing Custom Pumpkin carving Templates

Basing all designs on the first film (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone) I set about finding images that would work as a Pumpkin carving design.

Once I had suitable images I drew up a selection of basic and advanced Pumpkin carving templates for Wizarding World to choose from

The below pumpkin stencil designs were selected, however, the general feeling was the Hogwarts crest may have been too advanced, so i set about simplifying the design

This Pumpkin carving project was featured by 25 media brands, including:

Video production

Once the amended Pumpkin designs had been signed off it was time to start filming, having gained a detailed direction on the video style required - for this project, each video needed to be a simple 1 min video, with bullet point text.

The videos were submitted for first stage amendments/approval.

 The videos, pumpkin stencils and step by step guides can be viewed on the Wizarding World website here

HP logo stancil.PNG
snitch hp stencil.PNG
Hogwarts crest pumpkin carving.jpg

Simplified Hogwarts crest stencil

hp crest stencil.PNG

Step By Step Guides

To accompany the pumpkin stencil downloads and  tutorials, I provided a step by step guide to Wizarding World

In the Press

Once the stencils were live on the Wizarding World website a press release was sent to the media and social media influencers, with a total of 24 running the story, here are links to just some of the features:

Good Housekeeping:

The Herald Scotland:

Oxford Mail:

Untitled design (28).png

Snitch Pumpkin Carving Guide and Video

snitch step by step.PNG
snitch step by step p2.PNG

Hogwarts Crest Pumpkin Carving Guide and Video

hp step by step guide.PNG
hp step by step guide p2.PNG
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